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Dispel Absolutes
Dispel Absolutes

No. 1: Absolutes As Brick Walls

This website is designed to help us look at the brick walls which we have surrounded our psychic selves for safety. Most of the time, these metaphoric security fences display themselves as conceptual ABSOLUTES! An absolute is a concept we accept as reality.

We feel safer behind our walls of absolutes truths. Yet, they can block us from seeing reality.

We might think that our own scientific, political or religious positions are “absolutely spot on,” or ththat other people’s views are way off. In some cases, this could be true, but how do we really know? From behind the wall, have we questioned our concepts enough? What about the other people’s positions? If we have, great! If not, why not?

Let’s use physical transportation as an example. From walking to flying, we have to doubt our progress and direction in order to reach our desired destination! Our minds use subtle doubts while seeking indicators confirming we are on course. It could be as simple as a recognizable house, tree, street name, water tower, buoy, or bridge or mile marker.

With doubts, we have choices. We either choose to look for recognizable landmarks, check our instruments, ask others, or take it for granted that we are on course. The first three experience and education help guide us. Taking our route for granted comes from ego, emotion, insecurity, and over confidence. If we choose this last one too often or in error, our arrival on time is doubtful.

The same is true for all aspects of life. It is true for traveling, for reaching goals, for politics, learning, religious dogma, communication, and even for our sanity’s sake. We must doubt in order to guage our course and progress.

Allow me to repeat: The brick wall symbolizes the absolutes in our lives. It illustrates how we often are taking life’s decisions for granted. One may see a minority person and reflexively stereotype him or her. Quickly, our internal indicators reveal that we had either been correct and bricks are laid and strengthening our wall, or doubts arise that we could be wrong and bricks begin falling. We begin understanding more when we doubt and question more, We chose to strengthen our proverbial wall, or begin removing it.

It is this taking for granted attitude and wall strengthening that kept mankind from learning that the earth is not flat!

When enough bricks fall by learning, pathways (holes), through the wall are created. More and more knowledge begins pouring into us. The more knowledge pours inside, the larger the hole. The larger the hole, the more we can see outside the wall. it is then, and only then, that we begin seeing how much knowledge is out there that we do not know. it is at this point that we begin consciously tearing down more bricks by choice. The hole continues to enlarge and so does our learning.

Critical thinkers are constantly doubting. Creating questioning minds is what has moved us from hungry hunter-gatherrs to the moon.150

I hope we work together to enlarge those holes and continue learning.

Edward Allen

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